The Library is open from 6:00pm before our Monthly Meetings, on the 1st Tuesday of the month, and during the coffee break.

The Library is also open from 3.00pm to 4:30pm on the 3rd Tuesday of each month. The urn will be on so come and browse, chat, and have a tea or coffee.  John and Barbara Penning has also agreed to open the Regalia Shop at the same time.

Loans are for one month, from meeting to meeting, but may be extended by contacting the Librarian.

I log loans and returns and will monitor those who have kept any item for more than the standard one month.

I am usually very busy at the Meetings. If you have technical questions and need help in finding information in the Library, please e-mail me ( before our monthly gatherings and I shall attempt to find a reference for you.

Left click the bold underlined links below to go to various documents and lists.


The link to our Book & DVD Catalogue gives you a complete catalogue of our books, VHS tapes, and DVDs.

I have added links to previous Book Reviews and to the reviews from the last G-Torque.

The Reviews on the web often give more detail than is included in our articles in G-Torque as they have to be edited to fit the space available in the magazine.

Particularly for Members new to the MG Marque, a selection of key books to read for an introduction to MG is given in the Librarian's Selection.

Keep your grandchildren happy, and indoctrinate them into MG lore, by downloading the MG Colouring Book and print out line drawings for them to colour-in. This is reproduced with thanks to Judith Bertoglio-Griffin who printed a limited edition in 1976.

We are happy to accept donations of books on any MG related motoring topic.


Following large donations of magazines, the Library now has stocks of the major MG and Classic Car mags. These may be borrowed on an individual edition basis - see the Librarian to book them out.

You can check on the copies of the MG magazines we have in stock in the MG Magazine Catalogue

Check the latest versions of the Indices of Articles of Note (I have split these files up as the overall Index was getting very large). This is a huge work-in-progress and is incomplete, but will grow.

MG Enthusiast

Enjoying MG

Safety Fast

MG World

Other Indexed Magazines (BMC Experience, G-Torque, Wheel Spin, Octane,
Practical Classics, Classic & Sports Car)

The Other Indexed Magazines now includes items from our own G-Torque, back to 1990.

Featured articles from the latest MG Magazines are indexed in  Latest Magazine Indexes

The Newsletter of the BMC-Leyland Australia Heritage Group Inc. is Indexed on their website.


A vast amount of MG related information is now in electronic form on the Internet.

Click HERE to go to a selection of the Librarian's personal MG related bookmarks. This is a very small selection of the thousands of MG related websites and replaces the four bookmarks which were previously on this site as many of the links were no longer current.

If any of the links do not work, please contact your Librarian and also let him know of any significant links which should be on the list. I shall keep the list reasonably brief but welcome really good new links.


We have compiled a list of traders who have supplied services or parts to our members in the past, and who have been recommended by them.

This list IS NOT endorsed by the MGCC Geelong but merely reflects individual member's experiences.

If you are searching for suppliers of services or parts, our SECRETARY will provide the list to you on request by e-mail.

If you have good things to report and add to this list, please notify our SECRETARY.


To maintain an up to date collection of books and DVDs about MGs and some allied marques, not everything which is available but a sample covering all the MG models and MG/Morris/Austin/BMC/Leyland Company history.

To build a technical reference Library for those members working on their own MGs

To organise all the items we have in an easily accessible fashion.

Maintain an up to date webpage to:

Report on recent acquisitions.

List the Catalogue of books and DVDs in the Library.

Present an Index of articles of note, mainly historical and technical, in the three UK MG magazines, 'MG Enthusiast', the MGCC magazine 'Safety Fast', and the MG Owners' Club magazine 'Enjoying MG'. The Index will also cover the newly released 'The BMC Experience' published locally and our 'G-Torque'. Any articles of particular relevance to the MGCC Geelong are highlighted in red.