Welcome to The MG Car Club Geelong Inc


Here is our popular member Graeme getting ready to compete in our latest Motorkhana at our club recently.  Motorkhanas are a great way to get into motorsport, either for you or your family.  Our club has a great Youth program so get involved and have some fun.

Previous copies of our Monthly Magazine (GTorque) are now available online HERE

Each year our club make a PRESERVATION AWARD to a club member who has restored their MG.  Judges decide the winner by taking into account a number of factors, but most importantly they look for a car that displays the best features of our famous brand.

We will be obtaining photographs of past winners and displaying them here in the weeks to come.

Don't forget to check out our NOTICE BOARD.  Important and interesting notices are pinned there on a regular basis.    Click HERE to go straight there.

First established in 1973, our club boasts a membership of over 500. Owning an MG is not a prerequisite and anyone is welcome to join. The MG's in the club range from a beautifully restored PB through to the modern MGF, and there is a healthy mix of other classic cars amongst our ranks - Healeys, Jaguars, Triumphs and so on. If you are a classic car lover and want to share your passion, consider joining our club. The club prides itself on its friendly social atmosphere. The club holds regular monthly meetings, and issues a monthly magazine free as part of the membership. We meet at 7:30pm on the first Tuesday of every month. The clubrooms are at the Geelong Traffic Safety Centre, 94 Breakwater Rd, Breakwater, opposite the Geelong Showgrounds. For a google map of our Clubrooms location see our CONTACTS page.