Clubroom Improvements.

Work is continuing on the Clubroom Improvement Program and now work has started on renovating the toilets.  Here are a few pics of the work done by our great team of volunteers.  Great work team.


If you are thinking of going on the next National Meeting in Tasmania, please read this:-

MGCC GEELONG    Details of Natmeet 2018 and following tour.

This note gives a little more information about the Natmeet and suggested Accommodation along with a suggested tour route and times.

Natmeet runs from Friday 30th March till Tuesday 3rd April. I have booked a day sailing on the 29th March and a return day sailing on Sunday 8th April. Total return cost for two including the MG is $538. Make sure you book through the Natmeet website, just press the marked tab and you will get the MG Natmeet discount.

Accommodation options: Option 1 is the Penguin Seaside Motel. Very small, only 7 rooms and all different sizes ranging from $140 to $220 for a family room. This is a nice small village right on waterfront and close to all venues. Contact is 03-64372102

Another choice is the Sunrise Motel in Devonport. They have 10 Double rooms at $134 each for Natmeet. Phone number is 03-64248411. 10-15 minutes to most venues.

Other choice is the Discovery Park Cabins at Devonport from $109. Ph 1800880201

The proposed route for the tour which will be confirmed by organizers is as follows.

Departure Ulverstone after Natmeet breakfast. Follow freeway to Launceston. Option here to divert and go along the Tamar river. After Launceston follow the A3 stopping at Scottsdale for lunch. Move on to StHelens for over-nightstay. Total travel time 3 -4 hours depending on diversions.

Wednesday: Leave St Helens via A3 down the East Coast. Suggested stop at Bicheno for seafood lunch. Move on to Orford, Triabunna and Buckland to selected Motel.  Travel time 2-3 hours plus stops.

Thursday: Early start straight to Port Arthur for those who want to visit, others to go via Richmond, lovely old town and all to meet in Hobart for lunch and local tour and over- night.  Drive-time 1-2 hours.

Friday: Day at leisure in Hobart. For those wanting to join in tour to Mt Wellington and also down south to Margate and Kettering. (Here we have a second option to move on to return via the west Coast, lovely drive but not so many towns) But we can stay a second night in Hobart to enjoy local eateries.

Saturday: Drive up the A1 with diversion along the Derwent catchment to New Norfolk. Then on to Ross for Lunch. The best Bakery and Scallop Pies! After lunch more or less straight on to Devonport area for over-night. Drive-time 4 hours.

What now?

Well to get the Easter accommodation and the Ferry we need to do that as soon as possible. I have booked at Penguin and Ferry already and several others have also. Regards tour I welcome comments and suggestions as we have a little time to get this right.

To help my planning I would like to get back an email confirming your participation in Natmeet and if you would like to do the tour as well.

Graeme  Ruby

Please send to:

We have been asked to participate in a study at the University of Sunshine Coast, recruiting motorcyclists and drivers from every state in Australia.

The aim of this study is to identify what situations make motorcyclists and drivers angry - an area of research that has not been thoroughly examined. 

Participants will be invited to complete an online survey which will present a range of written scenarios, and will be asked to rate how angry each scenario makes them feel.

The survey will last no more than 30 minutes and participants can choose to run in the draw to win 1 of 6 $50 AutoBarn gift vouchers.

Your help would be greatly appreciated as this is an area of research that will contribute greatly to identifying what makes either motorcyclists and drivers angry, while reducing aggression on the road and improving road safety for both road users.

The direct URL to the study can be found here:

2018 National Meeting in Tasmania.

If you are intending to go to this great event, or you are just thinking about it, read this first.  Click HERE.


A presentation was made at a recent meeting outlining plans for the Clubroom improvements.  The presentation can be found HERE

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