Youth Group

In 2009 the MG Car Club of Geelong established a new category of membership - Youth Competition Member.

To compete in club events, all Youth Competition members must have a CAMS license. These can be obtained by completing the necessary forms on the CAMS website (see The cost of a CAMS license for Youth Competition members is only $15 at this time.

To assist junior members get started in motorsport we have a club vehicle in the form of a MG1300 for use of juniors only. We were very lucky to get the MG1300 donated for junior use and we sincerely thank the Brasher family of Geelong for their generosity.

We must state that it is not the clubs responsibility to teach juniors to drive but we do assist in having them gain an understanding of the rules and techniques of motorsport. We feel this is a great way to help teach juniors to gain experience before they get on the road.

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