Competition Calendar & Results 2018

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2018 Progressive Points


Motorkhana Events are

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 Date  Event  Location





 1 28 January Motorkhana 1 Breakwater  MGCC Geelong  2NS  EF&SR  PATS  RES
 2 18 February Motorkhana 2 METEC MGCC Vic  2NS  RES
  25 February Concourse/Pres Dinner      
 3 18 March Rob Roy Interclub Rd. 1 Rob Roy  MGCC Vic  2S  EF&SR  RES
 4 24 March 1/4 mile Sprint Eddington  Vintage Car Club  2S  EF&SR  RES
  30/3 - 3/4 National Meeting Tasmania      RES
5 08 April Myrniong Hillclimb Myrniong Austin 7 Club 2S  RES
6 15 April Bryant Park Morwell MGCC Vic    RES
7 28 April Sandown Sprints Sandown  MSCA  2S  RES
 8 28 April Sandown Regularity Sandown MSCA   2S  RES
 9 06 May Motorkhana 3 Breakwater MGCC Geelong  2NS  EF&SR  PATS  RES
   20 May Inerclub Rd 2 Rob Roy MGCC Victoria   2S
9-10 June Interclub Challenge Collingrove and The Bend Sprints MGCC Victoria 2S  INFO
10 24 June Motorkhana 4 Avalon  MGCC Geelong  2NS EF&SR PATS RES
8 July One Tree Hill Ararat MGCC Vic   
 11 28 July JCCV Track Day Winton Jaguar Club 2S EF&SR  RES
12 29 July Macedon OST Macedon  MGCC Vic  2NS  RES
13 11 August Winton Khanacross Winton MSCA  2S    RES
14 12 August Winton Sprints Winton MSCA  2S  RES
15 12 August Winton Regularity Winton MSCA  2S  RES
16 9 September Motorkhana 5 Breakwater MGCC Geelong 2NS EF     SR  PATS  RES
17 22 September Phillip Is Sprints Phillip Island MSCA  2S  RES
18 22 September Phillip Is. Regularity Phillip Island MSCA  2S  RES
 19 30 September Avalon Autokhana Avalon  MGCC Vic  2NS  RES
 20 30 September Motorkhana 6  Avalon MGCC Geelong 2NS EF     SR  PATS  RES
 21 14 October Interclub Challenge Rob Roy  MGCC Vic 2S